nike air max 97 gucci,As early as the end of 2018, the Nike Sportswear design team launched a special project called “ISPA”.

In 2017, Nike brought out the Nike Air Vapor Max, which suddenly reignited people’s enthusiasm for Air Max. In addition to launching the new Max, Nike also brought the Air Max 97 back to people’s sight once again on the occasion of its 20th anniversary. Coincidentally, the arrival of retro style has made these old shoes a new favorite of trendsetters, and various icons have also released their own bullets. The Air Max 97 has also become a standard accessory for trendsetters.

As early as 1987, Nike launched Air Max technology, successfully incorporating air into the soles of sneakers. Since then, Nike has never stopped innovating with Air Max. Since the Air Max 1, every shoe has continuously improved its cushioning technology, and among the many Air Max shoes, the Air Max 97 is the most innovative one in the Air Max series.

For the general public, it is not difficult to see that this set of shoes has strong experimental and conceptual qualities, and can even be described as a “radical” design. And for the concept it wants to express, the brand is also trying to understand it more intuitively through the introduction of some copywriting, images, and even specially designed online live conferences and special page websites.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for both official and other organizations to fully explain the philosophical concepts repeatedly mentioned, such as “Improvise Improvisation, Scavenge Treasure Hunting, Protect Protection, and Adapt Adaptation”, to the public. It may seem a bit obscure to many people, but undoubtedly, the ISPA project is different from most designs that have been at the top of the topic in the past. There are many topics worth discussing and delving into in terms of design, underlying concepts, and product positioning.

Therefore, we took this opportunity to invite two industry insiders in the sneaker design industry to discuss with them the key points of the Nike ISPA series that are not easily noticed by ordinary consumers from the perspectives of “concept” and “manufacturing technology”.

It is said that “experts see the way, outsiders see the excitement.” I hope this even more in-depth discussion and interpretation than the official one can provide readers interested in this series of designs with some help in answering questions and solving doubts.

What attracts me the most is the entire series of shoe upper materials, which are really too complicated, with a deliberate over design aesthetic. Nike has always been a leader in the use of fabrics in the industry. In this ISPA series, I have seen more than fifteen complex presentation effects in just woven fabrics. The layered and complex fabric creates a certain balance with the lightweight shoe body, which is truly impressive.


In addition, there is also a more personal aspect, which is the arch design of ISPA Flow. I am very fascinated by the arc of the arch, and the deep concave to exaggerated arch part of ISPA Flow is really beautiful to me.

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